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Expert Stone Repair and Replacement Services in the South West of England

Welcome to White Acre Stonemasonry, your premier choice for expert stone repair and replacement services in the South West of England. Whether you own a modern home or a historic property, our team is dedicated to the sympathetic restoration of both traditional and contemporary stone and brickwork, with a special focus on Bath Stone.

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Why Choose White Acre Stonemasonry?

At White Acre Stonemasonry, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to provide exceptional repair and replacement services. Our expertise extends to both domestic homes and heritage properties, ensuring that every project is handled with the utmost care and precision.

Comprehensive Stone Repair Services

Stonework, especially in historic and listed buildings, can suffer from wear and tear due to weather, pollution, and age. Our stone repair services include:

  • Detailed Assessment: We conduct thorough inspections to identify damage and the root causes of deterioration.

  • Sympathetic Restoration: Using traditional methods and materials, we repair and restore stonework to match the original as closely as possible.

  • Structural Integrity: Ensuring the repaired stonework maintains the structural stability and aesthetic value of your property.

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Bath Stone Specialists

Bath Stone is a popular choice for its unique, warm appearance, but it requires specialised care. Our team has extensive experience in working with Bath Stone, providing bespoke solutions for both repair and replacement. We ensure that the restored sections blend seamlessly with the existing stonework, preserving the historic value of your property.

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Advanced Cleaning Techniques

To enhance the longevity and appearance of your stonework, we offer advanced cleaning services:

  • ThermaTech Cleaning: This low-pressure, superheated water system effectively removes dirt, moss, algae, and other pollutants without harming the stone.

  • Nebulous Water Spray Cleaning: Ideal for delicate and historic stone surfaces, this gentle cleaning method uses a fine mist to remove grime while protecting the integrity of the stone.

Serving Both Domestic and Heritage Properties

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. We work on:

  • Domestic Homes: Enhancing the beauty and value of modern and traditional homes through expert stone repair and replacement.

  • Heritage Properties: Providing sensitive restoration services for listed buildings and stately homes, ensuring compliance with conservation standards and preserving historical significance.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for preserving the beauty and integrity of your stonework. Our expert team can create a customised maintenance plan, ensuring your property remains in pristine condition and preventing future deterioration.

stone repair
stone repair
stone repair

Stone Repair Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What types of stone do you work with?

A: We work with a variety of stones, including Bath Stone, and provide services for both traditional and modern stonework.

Q: How do you match new stone to the existing work?

A: We source high-quality materials and use traditional stonemasonry techniques to ensure new stone matches the original work seamlessly.

Q: Are your cleaning methods safe for heritage properties?

A: Yes, our ThermaTech and Nebulous Water Spray Cleaning methods are designed to be gentle and non-invasive, making them ideal for delicate and historic stone surfaces.

Q: Can you provide services for both small repairs and large-scale restoration projects?

A: Absolutely. We handle projects of all sizes, from minor repairs to extensive restoration and replacement work on both domestic and heritage properties.

Q: How can I get a quote for your services?

A: Please contact us to arrange a consultation. We will assess your needs and provide a detailed, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific project.

At White Acre Stonemasonry, we are dedicated to preserving the architectural heritage of the South West. Contact us today to discuss your stone repair and replacement needs, and let us help you maintain the timeless beauty of your home or heritage property.

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